n African Journal on Conflict Resolution - Foreword

Volume 14, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-6997


As we were editing the articles for this issue, it was my privilege to attend the dialogue- and peace-oriented conference of the Sant'Egidio Community in Antwerp. 'PEACE is the FUTURE' was the conference theme, and dialogue was the style of the proceedings. In what panellists and participants shared in the various sessions, one could discern experiences, understandings and insights that can change the tone and the outcome of talks between an aggrieved party and a grievance-inflicting party. One was also reminded, however, that there are factors which can complicate or even bedevil a getting together to talk things out. There may, for instance, be so many sides that the 'dialogue' could become an unmanageable multilogue. Or, an attempted dialogue may be stifled or even deadlocked by monologues entrenched in 'non-negotiable' positions.

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