n African Journal on Conflict Resolution - The quest for Great Heart Leadership to activate and promote the ending of violent conflict in Africa

Volume 16, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1562-6997


Inspired by the never-ending quest for the end of violence in some African communities, the author asks what kind of leadership is required to lead a community from violent conflict to peaceful coexistence. The aim of the article is to propose some principles for leadership in situations characterised by violent conflict. By departing from a conceptual framework to explain holistic leadership, conflict leadership and peace leadership, the author explains what Great Heart Leadership is, citing several examples to illustrate these concepts. The author argues that a leader with a 'great heart' is a leader who is able to apply analytical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual/normative leadership to activate peaceful change. This argument is applied to the challenge of leading people towards lasting peace in Africa,offering the specific case of a San community in South Africa to illustrate Great Heart Leadership.

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