n Professional Accountant - From the desk of the Chief Executive - : a word from SAIPA

Volume 2012, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7537


Although we all know that every year brings its surprises and that these surprises invariably include daunting challenges, we naively continue to believe that the year ahead will be different and less turbulent, affording us a period of relative calm when we will be able to catch our breath. But, as Theodore Roethke so clearly reminds us, Did our parents not also have this in mind when they ever so frequently reminded us that , impressing upon us the need to at all times use time judiciously? These wise words are boldly underscored by this dynamic and ever changing world in which we live; a world where nothing is ever static. This has and increasingly will be the story of our profession; a reality we ignore at our peril!

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