n Professional Accountant - Professional accountancy organisations : serving SMEs is critical in times of economic crisis : industry insights - SME

Volume 2015, Issue 24
  • ISSN : 1680-7537


As professional accountancy organisations (PAOs), IFAC member bodies serve the public interest in a variety of ways. They contribute to standard setting, regulation,quality assurance, education, examinations, corporate social responsibility, and much more. But as Chief Executive Officer of CPA Ireland, I cannot stress enough the importance of providing direct support to small- and medium-sized entity (SME) owners, which I believe is in the public interest. This is especially true in times of economic crisis, when much of the focus is on big business and regulatory changes. PAOs can and should provide SMEs with critical research, practical guidance for decision-makers, surveys to reflect rapid changes in the marketplace, and best practices to indicate how the survivors are prospering and why.

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