n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Central African Republic : a cycle of political violence - : Central Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 03
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Once again the Central African Republic (CAR) is on the edge of collapse. Since December 2012 a coalition of rebel forces have, in a lightning advance, taken town after town. Only outside mediation halted the collapse of the Government, while forces from outside the country prop it up. Why is stability so elusive? Perhaps because immense power, due to the mineral resources, is concentrated in the hands of a relatively small leadership while an uneducated population struggles with their own survival and does not have the time or knowledge to assert themselves democratically.

In the past, France intervened when the Regime of President Francois Bozize was threatened, as it had over the years elsewhere in Africa. But this time France declined to apply its old policy of Francafrique and left it to the regional organisation to convene peace talks.

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