n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Algeria's avoidance of its own Arab Spring uprising - : North Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 05
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The months of March and April 2013 have seen the resurgence in protests in Algeria, which are largely centred on popular demands for employment, housing, an end to discrimination and lack of economic opportunities, and improvements in development and infrastructure. In early March, social protests spread from the city of Ouargla to several news cities such as Laghouat, Mila, Oran, Tamanrasset, and Tindouf. In response, the Algerian Government has already promised to implement several new procedures aimed at redressing unemployment statistics in the southern portions of the country, particularly among the increasingly disgruntled youth. The exact nature of these 'new procedures' remains unclear. Renewed calls by Algerians for change pose the question whether this North African country is truly immune to the wave of democratic revolutions that have swept through much of the Arab world since 2011.

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