n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - The role of African sovereign wealth funds in development and conflict prevention : Africa-wide - investing in conflict zone

Volume 2013, Issue 05
  • ISSN :


The recent announcement by the Government of Angola that its new sovereign wealth fund would be led by the son of Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, has renewed the debate over the appropriate role of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) across Africa, but especially in emerging and post-conflict countries with complex needs. On the one hand, countries such as Angola, with pervasive poverty and inequality, are deeply in need of a vast array of investments to facilitate equitable growth and lift their population out of poverty. On the other hand, sovereign wealth funds are not usually tools of short-term economic development, but of long-term wealth preservation, sustainable investment, and economic stabilisation. With several African countries poised to launch or expand their own SWFs in the next few years, the examples of Angola, Libya, and others will be important bellwethers for the future of African macro-economic stability.

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