n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Evaluation of terrorist and insurgent groups in Nigeria - Report 1 : overview of complex factors driving non-state actor groups' behaviour in Nigeria - : West Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 06
  • ISSN :


Nigeria faces internal security threats arising from several non-state actor groups who seek to achieve various political, economic and ideological goals through violence. There are numerous groups that can be counted as violent threats to the security of the country. These include several Islamist militant groups operating in the north and centre of the country, militants in the southern part of the country around the Niger Delta, and various other criminal gangs, religious sects, and ethnic militias scattered across the 36 states that make up the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The growth and spread of these groups can be viewed as a consequence of Nigeria's fractured society and the legacy of frequent violent internal clashes that this country has experienced, particularly in its troubled political post-colonial history. The democratic credibility of the government is also severely compromised by numerous , over 30 years of military dictatorship, pervasive corruption and a history of human rights abuses.

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