n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Mining in Ethiopia - an emerging hotspot of conflict risk - : Africa-wide - featured analysis

Volume 2013, Issue 06
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The Ethiopian mining industry is growing rapidly. Across the country, international firms are prospecting for gold, potash, oil and other commodities. On 2 April 2013, Allana Potash, a Canadian company, announced a positive feasibility study for its license area in the northern Afar region, where it now hopes to mine a million tonnes of potash products each year. More announcements of resource finds are expected soon from other areas of the country. However, many of Ethiopia's most prospective mining regions are already mired in inter-tribal conflict (the Afar being no exception). To make matters worse, the Ethiopian Government has a poor track record of integrating large projects into host communities. Agroindustrial complexes in Gambella, western Ethiopia, are a case in point. The government's heavy-handed approach in this sector has caused widespread human rights abuses.

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