n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - The Central African Republic : the forgotten crisis - : Central Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 08
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In early July 2013, relief agencies in the Central African Republic (CAR) warned that the landlocked impoverished nation faced a humanitarian crisis. This humanitarian crisis follows closely on the heels of a that occurred there in March 2013. The , which is the culmination of nearly a decade of internal conflict, brought to power Michel Djotodia, the leader of the rebel alliance Seleka. Djotodia's subsequent suspension of the CAR's constitution and self-appointment to the presidency triggered criticism from the international community and spread fear that the situation in the CAR would only deteriorate. Reports of food shortages and attacks on civilians by Seleka forces have confirmed fears that the crisis in the CAR is, in fact, deepening. The recent crisis has steered international attention toward the CAR, where conflict and political instability have been endemic since the 1960s. However, conflict in the CAR has largely been overshadowed by other regional conflicts, such as the ongoing conflict in Sudan and the current conflict in Mali.

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