n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - The Global Peace Index 2013 - the least and most peaceful countries in East Africa - : East Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 08
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The Institute for Economics and Peace's annual Global Peace Index (GPI) has revealed a general condition of insecurity throughout East Africa. With two of the top five least secure countries being in East Africa and another two neighbouring the region in Central Africa, there is little to celebrate in this report. That said, a country-by-country examination of the results indicate small gains being made in some of the least peaceful countries in Eastern Africa. The stabilisation of Somalia, stasis in Sudan, and the remarkable gains made in Djibouti are key developments focused on in this section. An examination of the current conflict levels of each country contrasted against their history highlights whether gains or losses in the GPI rating are either temporary or indicative of a larger trend.

GPI ratings are based on non-partisan data. This means that, for example, even though a military operation in Somalia helped secure a longer peace in a specific region, the loss of life and general use, and expenditure of military forces in this operation, renders it a non-peaceful endeavour.

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