n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Regional implications of Mohammed Morsi's ouster - North Africa's post-revolutionary governments react to Egypt's - : North Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 09
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Egypt's turmoil that has followed President Mohammed Morsi's ouster on 3 July 2013 has inflamed tensions between secular and Islamist forces across the Maghreb, which indicates that Egypt's crisis bears ramifications beyond the state of Egypt.

Most of North Africa's secular governments and political movements welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood president's fall, while nearly all Islamist parties in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia condemned the Egyptian military's intervention as a that deposed a democratically-elected leader. Nevertheless, the Maghreb's Islamist factions have an opportunity to gain valuable lessons from Morsi's demise. Their fate will be largely shaped by their capacity to avoid the mistakes made by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

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