n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - The politicising of the African intelligence community - an interview with Jonathan Lautier : Africa-wide - informed opinions - : Africa-wide - informed opinions

Volume 2013, Issue 09
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Jonathan Lautier, an experienced opensource geopolitical and resilience analyst, is the director of SIRS Consultancy Ltd, a UK-based specialist security and geopolitical research company. Lautier has written or contributed to several articles and projects on geopolitical security and resilience issues, a number of which have focused on African terrorism and security matters. His involvement in the initial planning of a MA course to be taught in a variety of African countries heightened his expertise on the subject of the African intelligence community, as well as on the intelligence and security services of individual African states. One of his main interests regarding the intelligence communities of individual states is how these can become politicised and what can be done to prevent this.

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