n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Kenyan oil's mixed blessing - learning from, and avoiding, Nigeria's internal conflicts wrought by its oil fortunes : Africa-wide - featured analysis - : Africa-wide - featured analysis

Volume 2013, Issue 10
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Kenya may be on the verge of an oil boom. If oil takes off, then Kenya risks going down the same road as Nigeria, of widespread violence in oil producing areas, elite corruption and in-fighting over the proceeds of the oil industry. The characteristics which doomed Nigerian oil - high-level graft and patronage, tribal conflict and a government indifferent to the woes of oil-affected communities - are all present in Kenya. Whilst Kenya is not doomed to repeat Nigeria's conflicts, and international extractive industry governance reforms offer a glimmer of hope for the country, Kenya has a long and difficult road ahead if it is to reap the benefits of its oil.

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