n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Learning centres or battlefields? The crisis of education in Africa's conflict zone, a case study from Chad : Central Africa - issue in focus - : Central Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 11
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Schools, institutions to educate and develop citizens, are often targeted during periods of violent/armed conflict in Africa to be used as political and on occasion literal battlefields. What is occurring in eastern Chad is a case in point. Not only were educational institutions severely negatively affected during Chad's recent conflict period (2005 - 2010), but schools still struggle to deliver positive learning outcomes long after the signing of the peace agreement. Declining pass rates, clear inequalities in the quality of education and a lack in educational resources may further cause divisions and under-development, and inflame tensions in that part of Chad.

The experiences of Chad's education system, literally under fire, offer similarities to educational challenges in other African conflict areas. The experiences present insights and instructive moments (to use an educationalist's phrase) that highlight the ways education may be pursued even during conflict and normalised once the conflict ends.

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