n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Westgate Mall massacre makes US military presence more acceptable - converging anti-terrorism needs make East Africa and the US closer allies - : East Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 11
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While impressive in its headline-grabbing horror, the massacre of shoppers at Nairobi's Westgate Mall was only the latest in a series of terror-related incidents plaguing East Africa. The international community has been attentive to this wave of terrorism. As attacks, kidnappings and targeted killings occurring throughout the region increase, the response by the United States (US) Africa Command (AFRICOM) and US Army Africa (USARAF) - the two military commands within the American military responsible for all US operations in Africa - can be expected to escalate in size and activity accordingly.

As the campaign in Afghanistan draws to a close and the last major deployment of US troops finishes its last operations there, East Africa in 2014 could well become the next focal point in the US' War on Terror. From supplying the fuel and food to Kenyan troops entering Somalia during Operation Linda Nchi through to unilateral special forces raids undertaken in October, the range of AFRICOM/USARAF operations being conducted in the region are already becoming increasingly public.

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