n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Using censorship to stifle opposition - Egypt's military-backed interim Government imposing speech restrictions for political ends - : North Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2013, Issue 11
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The Egyptian press that opposes or is critical of the country's interim government is seen as a political threat, and, as is the case of all such inherently undemocratic governing bodies, a political threat to the government is conflated into a security threat against the country as a whole. On 25 September 2013, Egyptian security officials raided and shut down the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood's main newspaper, al-Hurriya Wal Adala. This action followed other harsh measures taken by the state against the Muslim Brotherhood in the aftermath of Mohammed Morsi's ouster on 3 July 2013. These actions have included the judiciary's decision to ban the Muslim Brotherhood as an organisation, the confiscation by the state of the party's assets, the closure of the party's radio station and the incarceration of rank-and-file members. Such authoritarian actions underscore the Egyptian military's determination to reduce the Muslim Brotherhood to the status it knew during the Nasser and Mubarak eras - that of a banned movement without any freedom in the public sphere.

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