n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - A private equity guide to trouble-spotting in Africa - : Africa-wide - investing in conflict zones

Volume 2013, Issue 12
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One of the most intimidating aspects of investing in frontier markets for fund managers and investors is balancing political risk with high-growth opportunities. At the heart of this balancing act is country selection, the process by which fund managers assess countries in which to operate or in which they would be open to new business. For many investors, country selection in Africa is uniquely challenging. Many such professionals, owing significantly to the paucity of education of such markets in leading business schools and universities, are largely unfamiliar with African economies and fear that which they believe they do not know. Furthermore, dominant news headlines in major global publications create a perception of greater instability across Africa, given their choice of news coverage. But investing in Africa need not be so adventurous, even for conservative investors. One need only consider the aspects of different markets that truly raise the risk profile of a given investment.

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