n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Key factors shaping China's Africa security issues - : Africa-wide - featured analysis

Volume 2013, Issue 12
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While African leaders debated whether or not to drop out of the International Criminal Court (ICC) during an emergency session of the African Union (AU) called to debate the issue, the People's Republic of China publicly stayed out of the fray. China has not ratified the Rome Statute and is not an ICC member. However, when it comes to the security of China's assets, citizens and investments in Africa, the ICC is an important defender against warlords and dictators. China has numerous investments, especially in the energy and mineral-extraction sectors across the continent in such countries as Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Sudan. Given China's expanding investments in Africa, Beijing's African policy based on 'non-interference' needs rethinking. There is some evidence that reconsideration of this policy is underway, which is required for China to more actively involve itself in the resolution of African security issues that affect China's interests.

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