n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - African leaders vs. the International Criminal Court
Efforts to undermine a way to make war criminals accountable - : Africa-wide - continental overview

Volume 2013, Issue 12
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The International Criminal Court (ICC) is not in itself the solution to conflict in Africa. However, in the absence of competent and independent local judiciaries, the court represents the African people's best defence against criminal leaders. Segments of African leadership that are or might one day be subject to ICC prosecution have called for an African boycott of the court. The African people themselves have not staged demonstrations or been vocal on the matter of the ICC. Public awareness of the decade-old court is low, although the ICC, headquartered in the Netherland's capital at The Hague, has been empowered by the United Nation's Rome Statute to prosecute criminal leaders where a country's own judicial system has failed to do so. The ICC is also empowered to have convicted leaders pay reparations to their victims.

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