n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - The strain shows in Dos Santos' long dominance of Angola - : Southern Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2014, Issue 01
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Angola's reconstruction over the past decade following 27 years of civil war (1975-2002), has been assisted by the absence of internal or regional threats, and the presence of a strong and politically stable state. However, as is the case under any autocratic regime, that stability carries with it the seeds of its own destruction. A firm hand was required and indeed desired by the people of Angola after the vertiginous instability of more than a quarter century of civil war. State stability has been assisted by the country's valuable natural resources, which have attached high levels of foreign investment and allowed Angola to become one of the largest and fastest growing economies in Africa. Buoyed by high oil prices, Angola enjoyed double-digit economic growth between 2004 and 2010, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growing by over 20% in 2008.

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