n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Nigeria's questionable successes against Boko Haram - : West Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2014, Issue 02
  • ISSN :


The Nigerian military has gained a reputation for overstating successes and understating setbacks in facing various security threats. In particular, counter-insurgency operations being conducted in northern and north-eastern Nigeria against Islamist extremist sect, Boko Haram, has led to several highly questionable claims by the Nigerian military. In the final months of 2013, a tendency to inflate casualties inflicted while downplaying significant losses sustained to attacks by an ostensibly weakened Boko Haram, has pushed credulity to breaking point. The implication in the conflicting narratives emerging through Nigerian military announcements is that the reality of the situation in north-eastern Nigeria may be more dire than is being portrayed.

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