n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - West Africa - security threats and cooperative solutions - : Africa-wide - featured analysis

Volume 2014, Issue 03
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The West Africa region, as a whole, faces numerous threats to security and stability. These threats exist in the form of transnational criminal organisations engaging in various illicit trafficking practices including arms, persons and narcotics. Other illegal practices include oil-bunkering, maritime piracy and kidnapping for ransom. The latter phenomenon is one of several criminal behaviours that are tactically employed by insurgent or terrorist groups in the region as a source of financing. Militancy in the region takes several forms, through disaffected political or ethnic groups, or by religious extremists. Along the Sahel band of the West Africa region, security and stability is also threatened by the resulting sectarian or intra-state conflicts. This is largely a consequence of this band being both a meeting between numerous ethnic groups, between pastoralist and agrarian societies, and between Muslim and Christian communities.

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