n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - Is Southern Africa prepared to police its oceans? - : Southern Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2014, Issue 04
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The hijacking of the Liberian-registered tanker in January 2014 was a multi-million dollar success for the pirates of still-unknown origin who pulled it off. The ship returned to Luanda in March, lighter by 12.3 million metric tonnes of its diesel fuel cargo siphoned off by the pirates. However, the warning the hijacking gave to naval authorities of the African subcontinent was resounding, if not unexpected. Nigeria's navy, with international assistance, is ridding the Gulf of Guinea of piracy activity. Where are the maritime criminals to go? The incident showed the first and successful probe into southern Atlantic waters, the way a hijacking off Mozambique's coast in 2010 indicated that East African pirates were testing to see if Africa's southern Indian Ocean coast was more hospitable than the increasingly policed waters off Somalia.

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