n Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor - The Ugandan-spawned rebel group in the eastern DRC - : East Africa - issue in focus

Volume 2014, Issue 04
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The ambush of a convoy of Congolese troops engaging Islamist militants in the strife-torn Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in January 2014 resulted in the death of the Congolese troops' commander, Colonel Mamadou Ndala. The incident was a reminder that while international attention given to DRC rebels has focused on the fight against the M23 movement in the eastern part of the country, the oldest rebel group, which ambushed and killed Colonel Ndala, poses a continuing and significant threat: the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Although originally Ugandan and formed by a Christian-to-Islam convert Jamil Mukulu, the ADF now bears more similarity to Congolese rebels groups than to the progenitor Ugandan organisations. The group recruits and consists, in a large part, of Congolese rebels and strong-armed militia that operates within the eastern DRC. Their major operation this past year was the July 2013 ambush, similar to that which killed Colonel Ndala, of a Jordanian and Nepalese convoy of the United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO). By nature of its reach and mastery of the tactics of ambush against military pursuers, the ADF represents a persistent security threat not just to the DRC, but to the Central and Eastern African regions.

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