n Africa Conflict Monitor - ACM Country Profile : Congo (Brazzaville) - : national profile

Volume 2014, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


The country is still feeling its way fiscally and in market terms after 25 years of failed Marxist economic policy, which formally ended in 1990 but whose residue lingers in some regulations and leadership beliefs. That Congo-Brazzaville is the 13th easiest Sub-Saharan African nation in which businesses may obtain credit is obliterated by other factors that make doing business in the undeveloped country frustrating. Overall, the country ranks a low 42 out of 45 Sub-Saharan Africa countries for ease of doing business due to encumbrances faced when starting a business, dealing with the tax regimen, enforcing contracts and trading across border. Congo-Brazzaville is ranked by the World Bank mid-way amongst Sub-Saharan African countries in registering property and protection of investor assets, but the country has far to go to become investor friendly.

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