n Africa Conflict Monitor - Letter from the Founding Editor

Volume 2014, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


The year 2014, now drawing to a close, was a source of varied and tumultuous events in the realm of conflict and conflict resolution in Africa, feeding the focus of this and previous monthly reports of Africa Conflict Monitor (ACM). Some developments were continuations of conflicts which have for years been waxing and waning but never quite disappearing, requiring ACM analysts to be knowledgeable in root causes and the histories of the issues and personalities involved. 2014 brought novel twists to long-running sagas, such as tactical shifts by terror groups and insurgencies unsettling Eastern, Central and Western Africa, as well as entirely unexpected developments, such as a sub-Saharan popular uprising in Burkina Faso against the type of President-for-Life who has long ruled the region, and the peaceful reordering of political life in Tunisia. ACM analysts are adept at anticipating even the unanticipated by anchoring their reports in knowledge of an African national, regional or continental security issue.

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