n Africa Conflict Monitor - Letter from the founding editor

Volume 2015, Issue 02
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


For this editor, the pleasurable task of informing readers about the highlights of this month's ACM required a return to pen, paper and candlelight. Literal dark humour informs daily conversation in Southern Africa these days, such as this joke: "What did South Africans use for light before candles? " The culprit is a phenomenon called load shedding, which despite its name is not a fad diet. The term refers to scheduled blackouts to ease demand on nations' overburdened electrical grids. Persistent power shortages experienced by South Africa, a factor in the social unrest analysed in this report's Southern Africa regional section, is a reminder that the basic requirements of modern life remain a challenge to obtain and sustain on the continent. Conflicts may result from the disappointment of unmet expectations, such as popular frustration over slowly-democratising countries, as we note in this report in analyses of the Central, Northern and Western African regions.

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