n Africa Conflict Monitor - African-on-African violence spreads south - : Africa-wide - continental overview

Volume 2015, Issue 05
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


'Black-on-black' violence has been a dirty smudge on post-apartheid South Africa. However, in April 2015, the stabbings, burning and murder that characterised often lawless townships where the progressive country's poor reside in slum-like conditions went from local crime to an international scandal. The attacks on largely African nationals whom their assailants felt were robbing them of scarce job and commercial opportunities disturbed the relative serenity of the Southern African region, where an absence of armed conflict has prevailed for more than a decade; a relative tranquillity that Central, Eastern, Northern and Western African regions cannot claim. Aside from denting the image of South Africa as a bulwark of tolerance, the rioting in Durban and Johannesburg set Africans against Africans. In that way the conflict did mirror conflict developments throughout Africa in April and May 2015, when Islamic terrorists, insurgents, autocratic governments and criminals were victimising civilians literally 'from Cape to Cairo'.

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