n Africa Conflict Monitor - ACM Country Profile : Malawi - : national profile

Volume 2015, Issue 07
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


Malawi suffered some of the worst flooding in its history in January 2015, in which nearly 350,000 people were displaced, mostly in the southern areas of the country. Some 64,000 hectares of arable land were destroyed and more than 100 people were killed. The floods were especially damaging to Malawi as the country remains highly dependent on agriculture. President Peter Mutharika, who won power in national elections in May 2014, faces the challenge of repairing the agriculture sector and of addressing the longer-term problems of AIDS, government financial mismanagement and underdeveloped national infrastructure. Tired of criticism from opposition parties, on 19 June Mutharika told his opponents to "put up or shut up" by offering alternatives to his economic policies. Most notably, Mutharika declared that foreign investors in Malawi would be "guaranteed" security.

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