n Africa Conflict Monitor - Letter from the founding editor

Volume 2015, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


Africa's conflict and conflict resolution developments are forever in flux as leadership personalities and political groupings change, rebel groups are born and evolve and peace initiatives arise to meet new crises. Unless a person is a devoted follower of a particular country, rapidly-evolving developments can be baffling. For this reason, ACM analysis is infused with necessary background information within our concisely to the point articles. In ACM's October 2015 report, Nigeria's military and Egypt's governance are familiar topics reconsidered from different perspectives, but designed to follow a continuity of the security stories that have evolved in each of those conflicted countries. The turmoil in the Central African Republic can be dizzyingly difficult to follow without a grounding in events that have lead up to the country's scheduled October elections.

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