n Africa Conflict Monitor - Letter form the founding editor

Volume 2015, Issue 12
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


As 2015 concludes, a greater coalition of international forces are drawn to assist Africa in her fight against terrorism. Terrorism incidents during the year that claimed the lives of foreign nationals were the catalyst for the support. These included the bombing of a Russian jetliner filled with Russian tourists over Sinai, Egypt, in an act carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS); shootings of British and other European tourists in Egypt and Tunisia, also by ISIS; the kidnappings of Polish and other seamen by West African pirates in the Gulf of Guinea; and al-Shabaab's attacks on Western interests in East Africa. Individually and collectively, these acts inspired outrage within and outside of Africa, and setin to motion increased intelligence-sharing amongst international defence departments directed toward counter-insurgency in Africa. Military assistance was also pledged by nations from the East and West to buttress African anti-terror efforts.

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