n Africa Conflict Monitor - The low-intensity battle for Western Sahara : africa wide - featured analysis

Volume 2016, Issue 02
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


While Algeria and Morocco remain at odds over a desert territory, human rights abuses continue against the Sahrawi people, whose future is uncertain.

The UN will not call Morocco's control of Western Sahara an 'occupation' out of consideration for Rabat's sensibilities. However, Morocco's administration of the territory has been sufficiently omnipresent and consistently heavy-handed to appear an occupation by some other name. On the map of Africa, Western Sahara is sometimes shaded grey, sometimes striped, but is never shown in the solid colour of a sovereign state. Morocco feels that it should be coloured the same as Morocco itself, with the border line between Morocco and Western Sahara deleted. On this point, Morocco stands alone in the world.

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