n Africa Conflict Monitor - Continental development suffers from many African leaders' constraints on economic freedom : Africa wide - monitoring economies

Volume 2016, Issue 03
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


Food price protests and street demonstrations to vent anger over escalating costs of essential commodities are common occurrences in Africa. However, such conflict is rarely linked inthe minds of protestors to their countries' economic policies. The public is of the opinion that government can mandate lower prices. In fact, governments can lower prices of consumer goods and services by making their economies more business friendly by enhancing economic freedoms. Against this is the apparent reality that most African leaders despise economic freedom. This perception is based on the paucity in Africa of countries that have free economies that are unfettered by state control or manipulation. Economic freedom is part and parcel of political freedom, and the latter is the bête noire that Africa's despots seek to avoid.

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