n Africa Conflict Monitor - Ending the slaughter of wildlife conservationists in Africa's oldest 'war'
ACM Interview with Dr Colman O'Criodain : Africa-wide - informed insights - interviews with experts

Volume 2016, Issue 11
  • ISSN : 2311-6943


Africa's longest running 'war' is between game conservationists and poachers, the armed bandits who are eradicating African wildlife to satisfy customers in the Middle and Far East. Since the 1980s, when smugglers began using weaponry abundant from Africa's civil wars and militant uprisings, the life of a game ranger became akin to that of a soldier in order to protect Africa's animal heritage. For insight into the continuing inducements that fuel the continent's deadly conservation wars, ACM spoke with Dr Colman O'Criodain, the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Global Wildlife Policy Manager.

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