n Acta Commercii - The impact of hunting for biltong purposes on the SA economy

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2413-1903
  • E-ISSN: 1684-1999


The purpose of this article is to estimate the economic impact of biltong hunting in South Africa.

Higginbottom (2004), indicate there are no reliable global estimates of the economic impact of wildlife tourism, but one thing is certain, it generates considerable sums of money. This same accounts for South Africa's game industry, especially biltong hunting, where there is little to no information regarding the economic impact. Therefore the question to be investigated was what is the economic impact of biltong hunting in the South African economy.
A non-probability method was used and a convenience sample was drawn from all the members (N = 17066) of the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA). A pilot study of 87 questionnaires was conducted in August and September 2004 in the North West Province at the Hartbees branch of SAHGCA. For the national survey, the questionnaires were mailed together with the members' monthly magazine (named SA Hunters/Jagters) during July 2005. A total of 1 024 (n) questionnaires were received back. Data was captured in Microsoft™ Excel™ and a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling approach was thereafter used to determine the economic impact of biltong hunting in the South African economy.
The contribution to real GDP is estimated to be in excess of R6 billion, with thousands of jobs being created by the increase in activities/services. In addition, the related improvements to the infrastructure of the country, especially the transport sector, will benefit productivity in the longer term and so lead to further increases in GDP.
A significant contribution that this article has made is that this is the first time that the economic impact of biltong hunting in South Africa has been determined. It is also the first time that CGE modelling has been completed with regard to research in this sector in South Africa.
This supports the opinion that biltong hunting is a viable and important sector of the tourism industry. The results clearly show that more should be done to expand hunting in South Africa as hunting affects, not only the economy, but also the price (and therefore the value) of game.

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