n Acta Commercii - Environmentally-friendly practices in hotels : original research

Volume 16, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2413-1903
  • E-ISSN: 1684-1999



There has been a growing concern for a 'green' hotel in the view of customers as they experience an increased awareness of environmental damage and excessive consumption of goods, energy and water.

To determine the environmentally-friendly practices in hotels in Zimbabwe and South Africa and establish the contribution that hotels are making towards mitigation of the negative environmental effects.
Currently, the world is facing environmental issues, which include global climate change, ozone depletion, pollution, high consumption of resources and increasing amounts of solid waste. Hotels, as part of the tourism industry, exert a significant impact on the environment. While the extent and range of the impact that hotels exert on the environment suggest an urgent need to address this problem, the question that arises is whether hoteliers appreciate the need for environmentally-friendly initiatives in their establishments.
A qualitative research was carried out in eight hotels that employ the strategy of the case study in the aforementioned countries.
Currently, no policies for green management exist, although some hotels do engage in some environmentally-friendly practices. Some hotel managers do not implement green management initiatives to mitigate the environmental problems emanating from their hotel operations.
This indicates that a gap exists between managers' awareness of appropriate environmentally-friendly practices for hotels, implying a need for training and increased awareness of green management.
The results could guide managers in the implementation of environmentally-friendly practices in an effort to mitigate environmental problems facing the present generation.

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