n Acta Commercii - Get noticed and stay relevant to web users!

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2413-1903
  • E-ISSN: 1684-1999


The study is based on the question why people visit some websites numerous times and other web sites only once. The problem for companies that decide to make use of the web as a marketing tool is not just how to get connected to the web, but getting noticed and staying relevant to its clients and potential clients. The main objective of this study was thus to investigate what influence people to return to a web site and what are their requirements from web sites. These answers will show how companies can ensure that people notice their websites, how they can be influenced to connect to their web sites and how these companies can retain the people connecting to their web sites as customers with diverse needs. This information will enable companies to develop and customise applicable strategies for their web sites to satisfy the needs of their target markets. The analysis of the responses showed that most of the respondents are not using the web to purchase items; that customer preferences vary and that the web is more effective than traditional media on certain variables.

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