n South African Actuarial Journal - Articles in other journals

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-2179


Investment Analysts Journal 51 (2000); Fraser E & Page M: Value and momentum strategies: evidence from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.Investment Analysts Journal 52 (2000); Ward M: The CAPM in an options pricing framework.Journal of Pensions Management 5 (1) (1999); Aitken IM: South Africa: the occupational pension scene.Orion 15 (1/2) (2000); Swart J: Optimising investment performance through international diversification.South African Journal of Business Management 31 (1) (2000); Van Rensburg P: Macroeconomic variables and the cross-section of Johannesburg Stock Exchange Returns.The South African Journal of Economics 68 (4) (2000); Grote M & Fletcher K: Capital gains tax in South Africa; Steenekamp TJ: Good tax practice and taxing capital gains; Black PA: Capital gains tax: critical notes.The South African Journal of Economics 68 (4) (2000); Bonnel R: HIV/AIDS and economic growth: a global perspective; Arndt C & Lewis JD: The macro implications of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: a preliminary assessment; Greener R, Jefferis K &Siphambe H: The impact of HIV/AIDS on poverty and inequality in Botswana; Nicholls S, McLean R, Theodore K, Henry R & Cheevers EJ: Economic impact of HIV infection in a cohort of male sugar mill workers in South Africa; Lundberg M, Over M & Mujinja P: Sources of financial assistance for households suffering an adult death in Kagera, Tanzania; Stillwaggon E: HIV transmission in Latin America: comparisons with Africa and policy implications; Kumaranayake L & Watts C: HIV/AIDS prevention and care interventions in sub-Saharan Africa: an econometric analysis of the costs of scaling-up.

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