oa Advocate - The Namibian experience

Volume 7, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1012-8743



Namibia became an independent Republic on 21 March 1990. This was after a period of almost 30 years during which South Africa, as the mandatory of the territory, was waging war with SWAPO. Then all interested parties agreed to implement United Nations Resolution 435 on 1 April 1989. This provided for free and fair elections prior to the independence of Namibia. It is now history that SWAPO, as political party, emerged victorious at the elections which were held during November 1989. On 21 March, on our way back from the Windhoek International Airport, I could not help but wonder what lay ahead for Namibia and particularly for myself, as a Judge of the newly constituted High Court of Namibia. We were returning from the Airport after we had paid our respects to the last vestige of South African Administrative control over Namibia, namely the Administrator-General who, together with his family, was leaving Namibia.

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