oa African Journal of Farm Child and Youth Development - Children-in-Agriculture Programme in secondary school : some psychological consideration

Volume 1, Issue 1
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Preparing and mobilizing children for agriculture-related activities today belongs to the province of modern education. In fact, preparing and mobilizing the youths for agriculture in Nigeria is a first major step towards food security, and consequent national development (Adedoyin, 2000). Modern education is a process of empowerment; a capacity-building process which enables an individual to develop his potentialities through the acquisition of relevant skills, values, attitudes, etc for the benefit of the individual and his society. This type of education is guided and directed so as to achieve desirable outcomes. This is achieved through professional psychological counselling. No sensible nation can afford to neglect the all-important need to provide professional help to her youths. The Nigerian youths experience a lot of problems, which badly affect them psychosocially. For sustainable Children-in-Agriculture Programme (CIAP) in Nigeria, this paper identifies and examines educational, vocational and emotional problems as the trouble spots for psychologists and educationists working in this vital organ of the Nigerian nation. There is need, therefore, that these professionals should foster the psychological development of the youths such that they achieve self-understanding, self-direction and mental balance necessary for effective adjustment to the expected stresses inherent in the school, home and the farm. Recommendations were made for effective counselling that will make the youth develop positive attitudes towards agriculture.

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