oa The African Journal of Information and Communication - Nagy Hanna and Rene Summer's insights into a holistic ICT driven transformation
Transforming to a networked society: Guide for policy makers, Hanna, N. K. & Summer, R. : book review

Volume 2015, Issue 15
  • ISSN : 2077-7205
  • E-ISSN: 2077-7213



This contribution presents a review of the book "Transforming to a Networked Society: A Guide For Policymakers" by Nagy Hanna and Rene Summer. The book offers an in-depth analysis of how information and communications technologies (ICT) applications and networks can be leveraged to harness human capital and generate value for business and society. It presents an analysis of what it will take for any emerging economy to leverage the ICT technological revolution and transform itself into a smart economy. From the viewpoint of a policymaker engaged in Kenya's ICT boom, the authors' systematic approach makes the reading pleasurable and informative, even for someone unfamiliar with the growing body of knowledge on the transformative nature of ICTs. It would be particularly helpful to policymakers, especially those in developing countries seeking to transform their economies, to practitioners seeking to understand the process of transformation and to researchers seeking a holistic understanding of the ICT sector and the digital economy.

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