n African Natural History - Reappraisal of foraminiferal assemblages of the Santonian-Campanian Mzamba Formation type section, and their correlation with the stratigraphic succession of the KwaZulu Basin

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1816-8396


Recent processing of additional samples, re-processing of the M. Makrides samples and re-evaluation of benthic and planktic foraminifera assemblages previously described from Mzamba Cliff, has led to the finding of several rare species that support previous ammonite datings of the succession. These include numbers of the planktic species (Sigal) and sp., which are limited to the Middle to Late Santonian, and to the Middle Santonian, respectively. sp. appears to be a different species from the widely distributed (Sigal), as it is distinguished by depressed sutures throughout. Alternatively sp. may be a variant limited to shallow or temperate waters; or it may be a juvenile form of . In addition, rare tests of the Santonian larger benthic foraminifera sp. have been found, the first such larger foraminifera from the Late Cretaceous succession of southern Africa. Comments on the possible stratigraphic value of a species of occurring through the Campanian interval at Mzamba Cliff are also included. A palaeoecological review is presented, as well as an updated attempt at a foraminiferal bed-by-bed stratigraphy of the Mzamba outcrop succession.

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