n African Natural History - A new species of the deep-sea shrimp genus A. Milne-Edwards (Crustacea : Decapoda : Caridea : Glyphocrangonidae) from the southeastern Atlantic off southern Africa

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1816-8396


A new species of the deep-water shrimp genus A. Milne-Edwards, , is described from the southeastern Atlantic off Cape Point, South Africa. It had been previously confused with (Smith), but the presence of a covering of short setae on the body, antennal scale, and the last three pairs of pereopods and the different shape of the dorsolateral carinae on the second and third abdominal somites easily distinguishes the new species from . From another close relative Bate, is separated by the same set of the characters, as well as the sharp, spiniform intercarinal tubercles on the carapace.

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