n African Natural History - A new species of (Polychaeta: Magelonidae) from southern Namibia

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1816-8396


A new species of Magelonidae, sp. nov., is described and illustrated from grab-samples collected at <100m off the southwest coast of Africa. sp. nov. has previously been identified from the region as (Müller, 1858) by Day (1955, 1961, 1967) but differs from by possessing dorsal medial lobes on chaetigers 4-8 and lateral pouches (Σ configuration) between chaetigers 10 and 11. Three species of have now been recorded from southern Africa (Day, 1961, Ehlers, 1908 and sp. nov.), and a key to from this region is provided.

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