oa African Review - A study of the rise of T ANU and the demise of British rule in Kigoma region, Western Tanzania

Volume 3, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0002-0117



There is probably no period of greater historical importance to 20th Century Africa than that of the struggle for Independence. At the centre of both that struggle and its consolidation is the political party. Several studies have been made of the development of the Tanganyika African National Union which focus on its activities at the national level. But a full understanding of this crucial period awaits further investigations which focus on its activities at the local level. The purpose of this paper is to descriptionbe some of the major themes concerning the origin, growth, and success of T ANU in Kigoma Region during the struggle for Independence. Data relevant to these themes will be compared with data presented in studies from other parts of Tanzania. Since nothing has been written on the evolution of TANU in Kigoma Region, this paper is intended to be merely an initial exploration.

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