oa Africa Insight - US-RSA relations: a rejoinder - back to the Halls of Montezuma?

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



Dr P G Eidelberg, lecturer in history at the University of South Africa, analyses the Reagan administration's Africa policy. He argues against a commonly held belief that the views of Reagan's Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr Chester Crocker, represent a distinct break with those of the previous Carter administration. Rather, Crocker's views should be seen as a legacy of the Carter years; Carter, in turn, built upon foundations laid by Kissinger. At the same time, the Kissinger-Carter-Crocker policy may well have run its course: in the last three years there have been indications of a diminishing American preoccupation with sub-Saharan Africa in favour of rapidly increasing concern with the Persian Gulf and, notably, the Caribbean. Dr Eidelberg previously contributed in Africa Insight an article entitled South Africa between East and West.

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