oa Africa Insight - South Africa's economic interests in Africa

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



South Africa's efforts to establish normal economic and diplomatic relations with Black African states and the Malagasy Republic are not universally welcome. Thus in some quarters it is asserted that South Africa seeks to surround itself with economically dependent satellites in order to entrench the existing order. For instance, according to a recent publication by the Africa Bureau, London: South Africa is thrusting out into Africa for a number of reasons. She needs markets for her manufactured goods. She wants to export capital. She requires buffer zones on her borders which will deny transit to guerillas... She needs diplomatic ties and other manifestations of friendship by African states to show the West that it too can afford politically to relax its pressure on South Africa. The same source goes so far as to state that this South African thrust into Africa is endangering the long-term economic development of African states and that, to crown it all, these states ""cannot develop peacefully until white minority rule is ended.

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