oa Africa Insight - Rural local government trends in the Transkei, Lesotho and Rhodesia

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



It will be shown in this article that local government and administrative deconcentration are following the main African trend in Lesotho, but not in the Transkei and Rhodesia. African rural local government in these three countries is comparable in terms of the political system within which it operates: Lesotho presents an example of an independent African state with a small White population; the Transkei is a partly self-governing African state within the South African political system; and Rhodesian African areas are ruled by a predominant White Government as integral parts of the Rhodesian political system. For the purposes of this article ""local government"" is a deconcentrated, representative institution possessing general and specific powers with locality order and integration as the main objective, devolved upon it and delegated to it by the central government, in respect of a limited geographical subdivision of the country, and in the exercise of which it is locally responsible and may to a certain degree act independently of the central government to which it remains ultimately responsible.

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