oa Africa Insight - West Africa The mineral ports of Liberia, Guinea and Mauritania

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



The economies of Liberia, Mauritania and Guinea depend heavily upon the export of minerals - iron ore and pellets in the case of the first two and bauxite (the ore of aluminium) in the case of the third. In 1987, 57 per cent and 41 per cent, respectively, of the value of Liberia's and Mauritania's exports came from iron ore while no less than 83 per cent of Guinea's exports was accounted for by bauxite and alumina. Over the past 40 years investment in mining and associated infrastructure in these countries has been enormous, the main railways and the ports they feed having been built and improved primarily for the transport of these minerals and their loading into bulk ore carriers for export mainly to Western Europe, the United States and Japan.

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